06-26-2015: Talk Nerdy to Me

 Join me over at Alex Hughes' website for her latest edition of 'Talk Nerdy to Me' - I talk about my obsession with text-based adventure games, and the time I tried to write one myself.  You can even play it!

05-31-2011: Back from Balticon

Impressions posted on my blog at http://blog.james-knapp.com/?p=1952 - it was a great trip!

05-26-2011: STATE OF DECAY wins the Compton Crook Award!

Balticon, here I come...

05-24-2011: Also, New Art

New art and photos in the Art section (well, new as of a few days ago...)

05-24-2011: Balticon is Nearly Upon Us

I will be at Balticon this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Hope to see some of you there!  I'm up for the Compton Crook, wish me luck!

05-02-2011: Giveaway!

I have a very special giveaway going on over at SF Signal, through May 21.  Check it out: 


04-25-2011: Philip K Dick Award Followup

Well, alas I did not win (that honor went to Mark Hodder for The Strage Affair of Spring Heeled Jack), but the whole thing was great fun.  It was an honor to be a finalist, and I enjoyed meeting the other authors who attended.  Congrats to Mark on the win, and I can say that had you been there to hear the reading from his book, you would likely want to read it as well if you haven't already.

04-19-2011: Heading out to Norwescon Tomorrow

Hope to see some of you there!

03-08-11: STATE OF DECAY Nominated for Compton Crook Award

State of Decay made the short list for the BSFA Compton Crook Award.

01-18-11: STATE OF DECAY nominated for Philip K. Dick Award

My debut novel State of Decay has been nominated for the Philip K. Dick Award.