The Blog Feed Hath Moved…

To anyone who might be subscribed to this feed, it appears that the Windows server that hosts the rest of my site just does not like .php very much and so I’ve been forced to migrate the blog to a Linux server instead.  This means this feed will be going dead shortly, and I hope you’ll pick up the new one.  My new blog location can be found at this link.

Thanks for your patience!


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  1. Richard Cassell says:

    I am an avid reader going thru 3 plus books a week for over 50 years. Frankly I believe you are selling your Revivor Series short by advertizing it as a Zombie novel. I found the plot in this series to be very complex, dealing with various degrees of good and evil, with constant variations. In addition this was one of the few books I have read in which the characters evolved and changed with the story, usually in unexpected ways.In summary this is one of the very few series I have read twice with equal satisfaction.
    Please be working on a follow up title to this series and let your readers know when it can be expected.

    1. James says:

      Thanks Richard, I really appreciate that…the zombie angle was, alas, more a product of marketing I wasn’t entirely in control of, and I’m always glad to hear from someone who got so much out of the series.

      There were no takers unfortunately for a continuation of the series, though I am working on another now, the first book of which should be out early 2013. I am thinking about maybe using Kickstarter for a story that takes place in between State of Decay and The Silent Army which follows Calliope’s tour in the grind specifically, however…

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