Would you allow the military to reanimate your corpse, knowing it would commit atrocities, if it meant avoiding service in a brutal war during your lifetime?

What if your level of citizenship depended on your answer? To gain a chance at a better life, or feed your family, which would you choose then? Or would you choose neither, and accept a life of hardship and poverty?

What if you came face to face with your own death, and realized too late you had made the wrong decision?

Nico Wachalowski has awakened to realize an old friend has been controlling his thoughts and actions, and that this has been true since they served together in the war.  Free of his influence but unable to know what memories may have been manipulated, Nico continues to share a tense alliance with him until a covert operation goes horribly wrong, and a weapon capable of destroying half the city ends up in the hands of Samuel Fawkes.  Having gone underground following his discovery two years prior, Fawkes has used his time to amass a private army of revivors, and his forces are nearly in place.  Armed with the weapons he has stolen, he is poised for a strike on the city that could kill tens of thousands.  Pulled at from both sides, Nico must determine where Fawkes’ army is located, where they will strike from, and how to prevent the attack before time runs out.

Faye Dasalia has gained the truth, but at the cost of her life.  Faced with the fact that the final years of her life were a lie, and no longer hampered by human emotions, she has found a new purpose in Samuel Fawkes.  To upset the current balance and prevent others from sharing her fate, however, Faye must commit acts that her living self could never have imagined even while on a collision course with the man she once loved.

Calliope Flax has returned from the battlefield a first-tier citizen, but quickly learns that without established wealth and connections the coveted status isn’t everything it’s marketted as.  When she reconnects with Nico, she finds the events of two years back haven’t ended, and that she can no longer ignore them.  As she struggles to find her new place in society and prove her worth to Nico, she is pulled back into a struggle that threatens to cost her more than just her life.

Zoe Ott is trying to come to terms with sobriety when a personal tragedy turns her life completely upside-down.  A mysterious new friend appears to try and help her understand and control her abilities, but the gifts that she comes bearing could come at a heavy price.  She learns her visions are shared by thousands, and that the picture which has begun to emerge may be worse than she even imagined.  As she becomes aware of how powerful she has the potential to be Zoe is called upon to choose a side, even if it means leaving everything she ever knew, including Nico, behind.